Why Shared Living is Better With Bungalow

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When browsing through the thousands of housing options on ROOM8, you’ll notice that many of them are from Bungalow. After operating only a few years in stealth, and publicly last year, Bungalow has perfected the art of building coliving communities, and is now the largest and fastest growing coliving company in the world. 

By providing renters with move-in ready homes, furnished common areas, and services like professional cleaning and rent collection, Bungalow provides a seamless and delightful experience for renters and homeowners alike. That’s why we partnered with them early on — to bring ROOM8 users yet another outstanding housing provider in their search for ideal rooms and roommates.

Co-founders Andrew Collins and Justin McCarty worked together on the idea of Bungalow after moving to San Francisco shortly after graduating college to work for tech companies. They experienced all of the typical difficulties associated with finding a room and favorable roommates in a city with a lack of affordable housing.

Bungalow capitalizes on long-term homeowners who have grown tired of finding new tenants to rent to every year or two. Tenants have to sign at least a four-month lease and are charged a membership fee on top of their monthly rent that includes utilities, Wi-Fi, a monthly cleaning service, and events that Bungalow hosts. Bungalow also furnishes the common areas and deals with maintenance requests on the homeowner’s behalf.

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Bungalow has renters covered when it comes to roommate-friendly housing, and ROOM8 helps them find exactly the right roommates to team up with. It’s a match made in co-living heaven, if you ask us. Need a little convincing? Sign an agreement for any Bungalow home through ROOM8 and get $250 off your first month’s rent!

Michael Ochnicki