Why You Keep Getting Ghosted by Potential Roommates (& How to Fix It).


It’s Not Them — It’s Your Timing.


Finding a new place to live can be hard. Finding roommates who check all your boxes can be way harder. So when you’re talking with one you like and they suddenly ghost you, it can be super frustrating.

Luckily, there’s usually one simple adjustment you can make in your approach to dramatically improve your chances of keeping the conversation going: messaging at the right time.

In our latest survey, 9/10 people with roommates cite necessity as the number one reason. And it makes sense — living expenses are at an all time high. But that doesn’t mean that finding a roommate is easy — our survey respondents also reported that the number one difficulty they encounter in their search is simply getting would-be roommates to respond to their messages!

Night Time is the Right Time


After combing through data from hundreds of thousands of ROOM8 users, we discovered that messages sent in the evening are by far the most effective.

  • 7PM — 11PM is prime time for total messaging volume. More messages are sent and opened during these hours than any other time of the day. This is the best time to get your messages seen!

  • 12PM — 3PM are when the highest amount of individual users are sending messages, though! People tend to search and reach out during lunch or downtime at work.

most messages.png

What You Can Do

We suggest following these patterns with your own roommate search: Send messages to your new roommate prospects in the afternoon, and then follow up with them in the evening. This ensures that you’re contacting them at the times they’re most likely to be active and reduces your chances of getting ghosted!

All data cited has been collected by ROOM8 to Inquire about this and further data, please reach out to us at hello@room8.io.

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