How to Get in Touch with Roommates on ROOM8

On ROOM8, you’ll find amazing roommates (because we let you filter them based on your own criteria). Once you’ve found some you’re interested in speaking with about becoming roommates, follow these simple steps.


First, send a message request to the user you’re interested in speaking with. You can say anything, but keep it friendly and tell them a little about yourself and why you think you two could be great roommates.

When you send a message to a user for the first time, they have to approve it before you can continue your conversation. To check the status of your messages, head to the “Chat” tab at the bottom of the app, find the user you messaged, and tap on their name.


If a user has not accepted your message request, you’ll see a blue “Requested” bar at the bottom of your chat with them. Once they do accept your message, that bar will disappear and you’ll see a messaging box similar to any text messaging app, where you can type your messages to the user.

It can take users a few days to respond sometimes, which is why we recommend reaching out to at least 5 new people each day until you have found a roommate. The more people you message, the greater your chances!

We take the privacy and safety of our users very seriously, and if you feel that a user is acting inappropriately you can use the Flag feature in the top right of their chat window to alert the ROOM8 team about the issue and allow us to investigate further.

Michael Ochnicki