Post a Room and Fill it with Awesome Roommates on ROOM8

While ROOM8 does have an ever-expanding selection of professionally managed properties from which users can find rooms and full apartment units to move into, it’s also a great place to post a room that you personally have available for rent.

Listing your room is easy: start in your Profile tab, then tap “Edit” in the top right of the screen. Press the “Post a Room” button at the bottom of the next page, and follow along with the app to note all the specifics of your room. Once you’ve finished listing your room, a new "Room” tab will appear in your profile, where you’ll be able to see how your room appears to other users in the app.

If you need to delete your listing, simply return to the “Edit” option from your Profile and use the “Delete Room/Edit Profile” button at the bottom. Here’s the whole listing process, step by step:


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alexis valerio