Spring Cleaning 2019


Whether or not it ‘sparks joy’ for you - the time has come. Spring cleaning 2019 is here! It’s time to say goodbye to those jeans you never wear, time to maybe narrow down your collection of striped shirts (really, twelve is probably too many.) Below are some tips we suggest to not just do some spring cleaning as well Marie Kondo-ing! Enjoy!

  1. Clothes

    Marie suggests you lay out every item of clothes you have onto your bed, and one by one see which ones ‘spark joy'.’ The ones you still wear and make you happy get re-folded and put away, but the others that don’t quite make the cut should be bagged up and donated. Make sure to take your time with this step - Marie even suggests ‘thanking’ each item of clothing as you decide to part with it.

  2. Kitchen

    Start by putting everything away in an organized fashion, and try as hard as you can to keep all the tools and food you have visible. This way you know what you already have, and don’t accidentally buy another jar of peanut butter. Once this is complete, give your kitchen a good clean - this includes all your kitchen gadgets, counter surfaces, stove/oven and refrigerator.

  3. Bathroom

    Similar to the kitchen, make sure all your tools are visible (if you have a hair drier, curling iron, cleaning materials, etc.) make sure they are all easy to find. Marie even suggest removing everything from your counter to keep it clean.

  4. Misc.

    Once those three main rooms are done, it is much easier to go through the rest of your belongings. De-cluttering is an amazing stress reliever, and makes your home feel more peaceful.

Danielle Oppendike