How to Stand Out on Rental Applications


OMG, it’s finally happening! You’re one step closer to your new place! The only thing left is to get through the application process, which is super fun! (Said no one, ever.) Thankfully, there are few ways to ensure you stand out on your rental application so you can get started on moving in and the fun parts - like re-decorating!

Fill out an application form like you would fill out a job application. It is the best way for landlords to get a sense of who you are, so include the most relevant information in it whether it be an online application, or one written by hand. Here are some of the basics:

  • Your current job position, salary and contact information for your current employer

  • Rental history and contact information for your former landlords

  • Pets (if any)

  • Move-in date

  • Credit report

  • Background report

  • Renters insurance 

  • Roommates (if any)

  • Cover letter.

Landlords will always be more likely to approve a rental application with references. Ask your former landlord and the current employer to recommend you as a responsible tenant and a good employee with a stable income. If you’re moving out of your parents house for the first time this can be tricky - we suggest asking your employer or a teacher to write a letter of reference.

Good luck!!

Danielle Oppendike