Yes, You Should Update Your Info Regularly While on ROOM8.

Here’s why:


Why? Because similar to dating apps, ROOM8 relies on you to present yourself as accurately and as fun as possible. Often, setting up an online profile is a tough process. You overthink every choice: which photos make your life look adventurous but also responsible? How do you answer questions in a way that shows you'd be a good roommate? That you’re someone who is trustworthy, dependable, but also witty and fun?

And when you’re done, usually you forget about the profile. Who wants to go through that process again? Literally no one. But there are pros to keep your profile fresh and up to date. Maintaining a fresh profile keeps you active and more visible on ROOM8. You might even capture the attention of someone who might have taken a pass on you the first time around.

So what should you update? At the minimum we suggest updating your photos and your ‘About Me’ section. To do so simply go to your profile and select ‘Edit’ on the top right. From there you can change your profile picture - choose from either your photo library or open your camera to take a brand new photo!


By selecting ‘Edit My Profile’ you can update your hobbies, employer, move in date, neighborhoods, your ‘About Me’ and more! We suggest channeling your most fun and outgoing self - we have quite a few people on the app, make sure you get noticed!

Once you’re all set it’s time to reach out! Much like a dating app, using ROOM8 will give you as much as you put into it.

Danielle Oppendike