Are You Ready for Some Football? ROOM8 Activities for College Football Season

It’s that time of year again - time for college football! What’s better than kicking off the season with your roommate?! We love college football here at ROOM8, so we’ve brainstormed a few activities that you and your roommate can do together to show some of your Game Day love and team spirit!

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Shop for Game Day Gear
Are you really ready for Game Day if you aren’t representing the home team? Grab your roommate and head to your campus store to check out the jerseys for this season and other school apparel. If you don’t find anything that you like, get creative! Students at my university (Go Bruins!) get cheerleading skirts from Amazon or Hype & Vice, or they buy T-shirts from the campus stores which they then cut and style themselves. Shopping can turn into crafting and even more roommate fun!

Get Ready for the Game
If you get ready with each other for class, why should football games be any different? Break out some face paint and flash tattoos to get in the Game Day mood - nothing is going to prepare you more for a W than getting some last minute outfit advice or some extra hands when you can’t find your prized visor.

A roommate makes the perfect tailgate buddy, so head down to the stadium together and start barbecuing. Tailgating the football game gives you and your roommate a chance to share a hamburger and introduce one another to friends. Take pictures with each other (with which you can decorate your apartment of course!) and mingle with friends who you can invite to your apartment during the year.

Host a Viewing Party
Don’t let an away game stop you and your roommate from enjoying the football season. Host a viewing party and invite your friends over for some food before the game. Go grocery shopping together so that you can make some football themed snacks, and clean your family room before decorating it with some football swag. Hey, with a party like yours, streaming the game is just as good if not better than the real thing!

Fall is supposed to be about friends, fun, and football, so we hope you and your roommate are able to take advantage of all the opportunities to bond and to enjoy the football season!