Planning the Perfect Friendsgiving with Your Roommates

With November soon approaching, people everywhere are starting to plan one of the most popular twists on Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving. Here are some ways you and your roommate can throw the best Friendsgiving ever that you and your friends will remember for years!

Plan Ahead 
With so many people throwing parties or dinners for Thanksgiving, it’s hard to have a good turnout if you send out your invitations too late. Also, if you rush your Friendsgiving, you may find yourself in hot water the day off the event if you didn’t plan ahead and didn’t buy enough food for you and your guests!

Have activities planned 
Even though Thanksgiving revolves around the dinner portion, don’t forget to have some activities planned for you and guests, especially if you have invited guests that might not know each other yet. Whether it be Charades or simply putting on a good movie, you should always have something planned so that your guests will constantly be engaged!

Menu Management 
For those who are planning to do a potluck style dinner, remember to keep track of what people bring because no one wants to go to a Friendsgiving with six different types of pie and no gravy! By creating an Excel sheet or utilizing Facebook event tools, you can easily prevent an excess of green beans.

With these tips under your belt, you and your roommate are sure to be prepared to throw a legendary Friendsgiving!