Midterms: ROOM8 Edition

Midterms. Every school has them, but dealing with the stress from them can be a complete nightmare. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to not just surviving midterms with your roommate, but thriving.

Trick number one, do a quick 30 minute yoga session. Put on calming music, focus on your breathing and begin stretching. It doesn't have to be any fancy yogi guru stretching but just focus on clearing your mind. This can alleviate headaches and help you sleep better.

Trick number two, take a break from studying and put on face masks with you and your roommate. You can go further and have a mini spa moment and do each others nails too! This one is great because it helps you relax while clearing your skin when we all know stress is extremely toxic for our pores.

Trick number three, make a game out of studying with your roommate. For example, every time you get a notecard right, you get a candy. Quizzing each other can make it a fun game and turn studying into a more positive and lighthearted situation rather than a stressful mess.

And finally trick number four, when you're really stressed and starting to feel overwhelmed, put everything down and go for a walk outside with your roommate. Fresh air and good company can do wonders for the brain especially during midterms. Not only will this help your body feel rejuvenated but also having lighthearted conversations with your roommate will help your mind focus on what's happening in front of you instead of your long to do list for studying this week.

We hope you've enjoyed some of these helpful tips and tricks for midterms with the help of your roommate! I know we have used all of these and not only did my body and mental health thank me but our roommates and I became closer than ever!